Inspired thinkers. Outstanding results. Your school is an exceptional experience.

Let Brandine help you to share that experience.

Brandline for Schools helps your school stand out by creating inspiring, informative and effective school marketing and digital material.

Brandline provide solutions to brand communications starting with strategy and logic rather than pretty pictures.

The Brandline for Schools approach is all about getting you the results to position your school in the best possible place.


It’s not possible to get to where you want to be, unless you know where you are. Only then can you get an idea of the scope of the journey.


Establishing the pillars of what makes your school unique is the cornerstone of establishing your new brand identity.

Our collaborative approach helps to establish subjective evaluation gained through listening to key internal and external stakeholders on the journey to define your brand.

Armed with an in-depth understanding of your school, its strengths, its weaknesses and how you compare with your competitors, we are able to establish your brand identity, how it reaches your community and what it means to them.


We also understand how a school or college is part of a community and all the stakeholder’s views need to be incorporated into any project we do, so our process is flexible.

Most important of all, we appreciate how much pressure your budgets are under, and make sure every penny you spend counts. In short, we are passionate individuals who take pride in producing great work cost effectively with you, not just for you.


Our team have the skills needed to manage any project and have the knowledge and experience to avoid the pitfalls that can be both time consuming and costly.

Positioning your school’s brand for success.

Brand positioning is the vital link between you and your parents and pupils, new and existing. It is one of the essential elements that will help your school to flourish even in challenging times.


It is not about spending vast amounts of money either. We make sure every cent that you spend on your school marketing offers you a return for your investment.


You have to respond to the ever changing trends in education and it’s critical to define your school brand to your community and enable you to stand out from the crowd.

9 reasons to choose Brandline for schools as your brand & marketing partner.

1. Identifying and achieving your goals

With over 20 years experience and a transparent delivery process we deliver high quality across all touchpoints using the most effective technology available.

2. We listen to you,
then we act

Our approach is to ask questions – the more we understand you, your community and your objectives, the better the result!

3. Our methodology is your advantage

Our approach & process identifies where your school brand needs to be and what is needs to say to your community to achieve your goals.

4. A multidisciplinary agency that’s effective

With over 20 years experience and a transparent delivery process we deliver high quality across all touchpoints using the most effective technology available.

5. We have passion
and integrity

Our reputation is built on integrity, that’s why our clients recommend us. There are no smoke and mirrors. From quotes to delivery dates, everybody knows where they stand.

6. Wise heads and
a wealth of acumen

Experience counts if you want to get the results you need. Our team’s experience comes from delivery to some of the country’s leading business brands.

7. We’re highly creative,
and cost-effective

We deliver beautiful designs from our award winning team and operate from a low cost overhead structure so you get the best of both worlds.

8. Delivering more
for your budget

Everything we do is designed to give you the maximum return on your investment. We are proactive to ensure your budget delivers the most value.

9. All the services you need, all in one place

From initial consultancy through to delivery, we offer a totally integrated service for every online and offline communication channel.

Our core services

Brandline Branding

Development of existing brand
> Creation of new brand
> Brand guidelines
> Brand identity guides.

Strategy and Creative

We produce compelling powerful ideas that tell your story
> Practical concepts that work on or offline
> Key areas include:
School Logos, Advertising, Prospectus, Interior Graphics, Further Information, Literature, Exhibition Displays and Signage.

All Things Digital

> Websites, Open source web development
> Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), Online ad campaigns, Web analytics, Social Media, E-newsletters, Apps, Forms and Applications.

Signage and Production

Extensive production & project management expertise in:
> Production of anything for both on and offline
> Signage design and installation
> High quality cost effective print solutions
> Fulfillment and Distribution.

We love to talk

We’re a friendly lot who love to talk about what you do.
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