The key to your entire school brand strategy is your brand architecture

Let Brandine help you to identify your school brand

Great brands build strong bonds with their audiences by being consistent. They are instantly recognisable and immediately stand for something.

Human beings make important decisions based on both rational and emotional reasons. Brands that influence our emotions are far more powerful than brands that don’t. By strengthening our brand story we can help to influence our audience to identify with our organisation.

Connecting with human emotions is the main thrust of consumer marketing. By determining which features & benefits of our product or service are most important to our market, we’ll have a strong understanding of what our brand should mean to our audience.
We can start to build our brand pillars, which ultimately are the most influential and important aspects of our brand that we should be communicating.

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STEP 1 Features


The first step of the process is to identify as many features of your school that you can think of.
List school features that come to mind, even if you feel they are not important.


The more school features you can provide helps to accurately define who you are and ultimately influence your school brand architecture. Be specific e.g. school name, colours, uniform, etc.

For example School Name
For example Principle

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